What IS Pelvic Physical Therapy and Why Doesn’t EVERYONE Know About It?

Pelvic Guru

True story –

During graduate school (Northwestern shout out) for physical therapy over 15 years ago, I distinctly remember turning to a friend in class and stating emphatically,

“Mark my words, I will NEVER EVER do what the therapist is doing in that video. NEVER. Why are we even seeing this in class?”.

You may wonder what happened in that video that lead to my bold statement. Why was I so shocked at the time? Well, that was essentially my first exposure to learning about pelvic physical therapy. [The video demonstrated an internal rectal coccyx (tailbone) technique]. I had no idea there were highly skilled specialists who performed internal vaginal and rectal musculoskeletal evaluations and treatments for women and men.  I didn’t know at that time that the scope was even larger than that. And I certainly didn’t know I would end up spending my career focusing in this…

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